Voig Leicam

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“Drawing inspiration from her original name spelled backward, Voig Leicam is a Brazilian-born individual deeply passionate about music, believing in its profound ability to stir emotions at all times. Her intricate connection to the music industry is nothing short of mystical, evoking sensations from head to toe.

Having made her mark at renowned venues such as Club 33, Terrazza Rooftop, G & T, Frida, Saudações, Yolo, Clubber, Heiss, Lo-fi, and Desire London, among others, as well as exclusive private events, Voig Leicam is constantly seeking innovation without falling into the trap of monotony. She consistently introduces fresh tracks to captivate her audience, always striving for expansion and growth.

Having resided in London, a hub for electronic music, Voig Leicam’s sets are a fusion of influences from around the globe. Her performances reflect a diverse range of musical styles and cultural influences, showcasing her versatility and unique approach to music.”

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  1. Voig is a different DJ, I have followed her career since the beginning. His evolution is constant, always delivering accurate sets, whether in warmup, head line or closing. It’s only a matter of time before I see her at big parties.

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