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Soundcloud Promo

We promote your Soundcloud tracks , mixes & live sets with a play, repost, like & commend +

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We share your Soundcloud & Blog content to our Facebook page & many groups +

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We create a video for your track, publish it on our YouTube channel and share it on our Social media pages & groups

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Your content will get the best result in a 100% organic and unique way! Reach out a big result within few weeks

Your Growth

Growth means constant action and doing. With us your content will grow step by step in a very unique organic way

The Membership – Basic is free and stay free FOREVER!
With your Membership – Basic you get an support for YOUR  Soundcloud releases!

How It Works?
Send us on Planet Ibiza Soundcloud a short message + your link we should support. Your track/mix/live set will be supported through play, repost, like & commend within 3 days.
Playlists will get a like & repost on our channel!

The price of the Membership VIP
is monthly only USD 99.00 and includes a full support package for your whole music releases on Soundcloud and beyond!
With Your Membership VIP we manage your releases in the best way you can get!

How It Works:
Order a Membership VIP
Within 3 days we contact you via e-mail and on Soundcloud to discuss about the promotion strategy and which we will will go together.
You get 100% organic support from us from the begining!

We promote your Soundcloud publications on Soundcloud through play, like, repost & commend and share your content up to 2.000 partners & friends they will do the same as we do. Play, like, repost & share.
Also we include your release(s) to daily new playlists on Soundcloud, share your content to our Facebook page (7.200+ followers) and to many of our own Facebook groups & groups we are in!
We create video(s) for your tracks and publish it on our YouTube channel for to share it through our social media pages & groups!
Some of your content will be included to our Planet Ibiza – News Portal blog and will be reposted through our social media pages & groups! 
We spread your content so much & far as possible!!!

If you need any help or support, please ask us!!! We are always happy to make our VIP members HAPPY!!!


Please take note:
Your Membership VIP cancellation is possible to anytime in a easy & non complicate way! 
(More Info below)

What we do takes time and doing the right movements!
Through our unique & 100% organic promotion the results will take a bit time. But supported by reral people you will get real listeners they could be your next SUPERFANS! 

We play, like, repost and commend and in many cases we build new playslists and send out your release up to 2.000 friends & partners (total network 1Million+)

In this case, you get a very unique & best 100% organic  promotion!

How It Works:
Membership Basic
Info in the Membership – Basic section

Membership VIP
Info in the Membership – VIP section

We share your content from Soundcloud & Planet Ibiza – News Portal to our Facebook page & groups! 



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