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DJ Artist / Producer / Music Label Owner
My vibes and the style was developed from the worldwide travel as a pro athlete, and my extreme
obsession for drums beats from the indigenous people.
The focus is mostly on seamlessly blending exotic rhythms, to convert and to dissolves them into
fresh modern melodic pieces.

The lucky releases went to the top ten chart’s of electronic music platform for producer’s, labels &
DJs well known as Beatport in organic house, afro house, ethnic house & down deep tech
Live performance enjoys the strong baseline, tiny oriental & balkan flavor, exotic changeable
percussions and huge drums with tribe global accent, bringing you into the unique sound
symphony journey.

My composition are more than just a mere arrangement of notes; it is a cascade of emotions.
This feels and looks to me like one oversized canvas where each note serves as a comb that
paint the waves of different natures, cultures, religions with their soundscapes.
Music is to me like a river that carries the listener’s through the uncharted territory’s of the world
of sound.
Re u ready to go for a ride with me …?

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