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Instruction to release on our Planet Ibiza Soundcloud channel

Soundcloud release Instruction
Music release channel
Planet Ibiza

To release a PREMIERE on our channel
Styles we accept:
– Organic House & Downtempo
– Progressive House
– Melodic House & Techno

Premiere Info:
Please send us the track(s) at least 4 weeks before the official release.

How it works:
1. send us the tracks that are available for premiere + release date:
– Organic House & Downtempo: or on our Soundcloud channel via personal message.
– Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno:

2. if we like a track, we will contact you to discuss the premiere date.

3. when we accept your premiere submission, you send us the following data by Dropbox or WeTransfer:
– Track in WAV
– Cover artwork in high resolution jpg
– Description content
– Buy link(s)
Send to the following e-mail address:
– Organic House & Downtempo:
– Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno:

4. On the premiere release day we do our job to promote your release in many different ways


Instructions for a podcast release on our Planet Ibiza Soundcloud channel
Soundcloud release Instruction
Music release channel
Planet Ibiza

To release a PODCAST on our channel

We release the below brands:
– I am Boho
Organic bohemian deep house / downtempo
– Eivissa Beach Cafe
Deep melodic & progressive beach sound
– Milkshake Lounge Ibiza
Deep Lounge & Slow electronica
– Promoworld
Progressive melodic Tech & TechHouse

Podcast Info
Please send us the podcast at least 2 weeks before the official release. We believe in preparing everything carefully and with the necessary attention to detail.
How it works:
1. Contact us with your podcast proposal and a timeframe for release
2. In case we agree on a release, please send us following data
– Mix in WAV (60 – 120 minutes – please leave headspace above -3db to avoid clipping)
– Description content
– Social media link(s)
4. On the podcast release day we will promote your podcast in many different ways
5. Promotion by the artist that has created a podcast:
Once a podcast has been created, it would be desirable if it finds its way to the listeners around the world. Of course, we at Planet Ibiza do a lot of promotion for your podcast by announcing it to our friends, contacts and partners. This can easily result in several hundred interactions per set.

We would like you to do the same. Notify your friends, family, promoters, radio stations and other podcast channels that you have a new set up and ask them to support you.We realize that this will take real effort, but it will ensure that your set gets the recognition it deserves. It will also help you reach more people that you can make happy with your music.

In our experience, Soundcloud promotion pays off much more than promotion on other platforms. The statistics prove that again and again.

That’s why it would be great if you would do everything you can to contact and inform your most important contacts, primarily via Soundcloud but also via other platforms, the moment you are notified that your set has gone live. For the sake of your set.

The following options are available for transmitting the data:

For all queries regarding booking, please contact:
* IAM BOHO (Podcast manager Thomas – Aka Tony)
* Eivissa Beach Cafe (Podcast manager Mike Chrom)
* Milkshake Lounge Ibiza (Podcast manager Thomas – Aka Tony)
* Promoworld (Podcast manager Mike Chrom)

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