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Bella aka Súddha, a Cape Town based DJ, derives her name from the essence of purity due to its importance in Buddhism and Yogic philosophies.

Súddha explores the more meaningful side of techno and minimal deep tech to take you on a musical journey garnished with Arabian and spiritual flair.

Súddha’s journey began with a love for music and art at a very young age. This naturally led her into the music scene where she found a deep passion for electronic music and techno beats. With the support of her famil, she began spinning and developing her unique style and sound. Her love for nature and Buddhist philosophy has helped her tap into the natural rhythms to influence her sets and performances.

1. What inspired you to delve into DJing, and what techniques or strategies do you employ to set the tone for your performances?
I have always been a lover of music, art and performing, this made it easy to start mixing my own selected tracks. With the influences of my musical family, I quickly found an interest and the passion for music grew. 
The strategies that I use to set the tone for my performances often include being in my own space, spending hours listening to tracks and carefully selecting those that represent me. This is why I am learning to produce my own tracks, as it can be difficult to find tracks that truly fit the sound that I am aiming for when performing. 
I always stay focused and aware of my surroundings and the vibe of the crowd before playing. This allows me to read the room and to set the correct tone for my performance. Knowing the correct vibe that will fit the time slot I’ve been given is super important.
2. Could you share a standout moment from your career as a DJ, perhaps a particularly memorable gig or interaction with the audience?
There have been many special moments that I’ve shared with the crowds I have performed for, but one would be at my friends Jed and Aydn’s Galactic Grooves party in Kommetjie. I had the privilege of playing at this incredible event, with a floating DJ Rig in a magical forest.  The crowd was incredible, and the energy was unmatched. Having strangers compliment me during and after my set was special. 
3. Which venues or festivals resonate with you the most, and why do they hold a special place in your heart?
I find a huge space in my heart for Pangea and Wolfkop, as these two were the first festivals I had attended. I grasped the concept quickly and fell in love with the energy of the people and the music. Afrika Burn will always take the cake as the most special, although it is not a festival, it is a community of beings who come together to celebrate life, through music and dance.
4. Looking towards the future, what aspirations do you have for your DJing career, and how do you plan to achieve them?
I am working towards performing in the outdoor festival scene, where my music is truly appreciated outside of the Cape Town club scene. I find that my music is best suited for a natural environment, where my Organic sound resonates with the elements of nature. 
Working hard is an understatement, it’s all about commitment. I will continue to stay committed to my musical journey, as an artist and aspiring producer. With continuous hours focused on track selection and my personal brand.
5. Given your experience, how would you characterize the current music landscape in South Africa, especially in relation to events like Afrika Burn Festival?
First, Afrika Burn should not be considered a festival as it is a community. This is where anyone can showcase their talents once given the opportunity. This is how the South African music industry works, where local talent can be recognized through promoters, and this can catapult an artist’s career in the music festival industry.

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