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Odyssey, the captivating sister DJ duo from Cape Town/South Africa, has left an indelible mark on the city’s club and DJ scene with their intoxicating blend of techno, progressive, electronic, groovy, and indie dance beats. CosmiCara and Súddha have elevated the local music landscape with their infectious techno sound, vibrant personalities, and distinctive fashion sense. READ MORE

Together as ODYSSEY, how did your collective journey into DJing begin, and what collaborative techniques do you employ to engage your audience when you start your sets?

Our DJing journey began as individual artists, having our own unique styles and taste in music, but with the same passion for performing and curating our own live mixes.
This naturally let us to finding a creative way of blending these two styles into one unique sound called ODYSSEY.
The techniques we use to engage our audience begins with our stage presence, with our dynamic tracks that keep our audience captivated from the get-go. We carefully select our opening track, where this gives our listeners a taste of what our journey will offer. We find it easy to keep the energy high with our unexpected musical journeys.

Can you recount a memorable experience from your joint performances, perhaps a moment of synchronicity or a unique interaction with the crowd?

One of our most memorable experiences was our debut performance at AFRIKA BURN 2023. Surrounded by burners, sharing the same energy and love on the dance floor. This performance will always hold a special place in our hearts, as we formed a special bond with our audience with the use of our carefully selected tracks.

Which venues or festivals do you both resonate with the most, and how do your individual styles blend to create a cohesive experience for the audience?

We collectively resonate with outdoor festivals, where people can be free to be themselves and truly enjoy the music that they’re gifted from artists. A clear indication of this would be AFRIKA BURN as this is a community, where we all come together to celebrate life through the power of music and dance.
Cosmicara’s style is focused around edgy, progressive and driving techno beats. With hints of sexy acoustic vocals. This is the perfect sound for high energy ravers, during the later hours of the morning.
SUDDHA’s style is focused on traditional instrumental organic house, with a mix of desert house. This also involves subtle drums and grooves. This is infused with slow tempos and acoustics that bring her sets to life.
With a blend of Cosmicara’s high energy progressive beats combined with SUDDHA’S organic spiritual atmosphere, a dynamic sound is created that is defined as ODYSSEY.

Considering your partnership, what shared aspirations do you have for your DJing career as ODYSSEY, and how do you plan to navigate them together?

We both aspire to produce our own unique tracks, leading us to headlining at well-known outdoor festivals and prestige events where our music will be appreciated. We plan on navigating this by working together and developing our stage presence and distinctive performances.

Reflecting on your combined experiences, how would you assess the current musical landscape in South Africa, particularly in relation to events like Afrika Burn Festival?

The South African music industry has grown significantly with numerous platforms in the forms of events and music festivals throughout the country. This landscape is vibrant, dynamic, and culturally significant. This has allowed local and up and coming artists to showcase their talents and therefore leading them to a successful career in the industry.
Within this industry, it is clear to see the amount of talent and creativity that our country holds. This helps audiences experience new and boundary pushing musical expressions.
Events like AFRIKA BURN build artistic innovation and community engagement.

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