Real Talk with Cosmicara

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Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey with the extraordinary Cosmicara, a sensational female DJ hailing from Cape Town. Her deep passion for music was ignited at an early age and has been unstoppable ever since. As one half of the dynamic sister duo, Odyssey, Cosmicara showcases her versatility by fearlessly exploring a vast array of genres. From progressive house, gritty and dark techno, to the mind-altering sounds of psychedelic dance, she effortlessly weaves an enchanting musical tapestry.
Cosmicara’s performances are nothing short of electrifying. She possesses a unique ability to curate dynamic sets that transcend the boundaries of time and space, creating a profound and unforgettable connection with the audience. Brace yourself for an edgy, fun-filled adventure as Cosmicara takes command of the decks and leaves an undeniable mark on those who hear her…

1.⁠ ⁠What ignited your passion for DJing, and what methods do you employ to initiate a connection with your audience when you start your sets?

In the world of music, some journeys begin even before we take our first breath. For me, the rhythm of life started with my mom mixing while I was in her tummy. Nurturing my earliest connection to the world of Djing. From those parental beats to this present day, music has been my constant companion. Growing up with a diverse range of music, fascinated with how it can inspire and speak to people in different ways. 

But it was only when our first mixer was introduced to the family that my true journey as a DJ began. Like a moth to a flame, I found fulfilment with every seamless transition between every track. Finding myself getting lost in the music and riding the waves of sound.

In the world of DJing, the ability to create a meaningful connection with your audience is extremely important. It’s about creating an experience that resonates with your audience. For me, this process begins long before I step behind the decks. Starting with a meticulous selection of tracks that capture the essence and emotions I wish to invoke. One of my main approaches is choosing the perfect opening song, setting the tone for the entire journey ahead.

2.⁠ ⁠Can you recall a particularly impactful moment from your DJing career, whether it was a milestone achievement or a memorable performance?

A particularly impactful moment in my Djing career was during a live performance. I felt a surge of excitement coursing through my veins. It was not the thrill of the spotlight, but the realisation that as the Dj, I held the power to mould the experience of my audience. As the first song started playing, I watched in awe as the energy of the venue shifted.
I was a conductor of emotions, orchestrating a symphony that resonated with everyone in the crowd. It was an experience that humbled and reminded me of the impact music has on the human spirit.

4.⁠ ⁠Looking ahead, what ambitions do you harbour for your DJing journey, and how do you envision realising them?

The aspirations of my journey in Djing entails performing at prestigious outdoor festivals, such as the renowned Boom Festival, creating original music productions, establishing a prominent presence as a DJ, honing a distinctive and authentic style and sonic identity, and crafting immersive musical experiences that resonate deeply with my audiences. My strategy involves cultivating a personal brand, refining my DJing skills, mastering music production techniques, and fostering meaningful connections within the industry with individuals who share similar passions and aspirations.

5.⁠ ⁠Drawing from your experience, how would you characterise the current state of the music scene in South Africa, particularly in light of events like Afrika Burn Festival?

Based on my experience, I would characterise the current state of the music scene in South Africa as rich and diverse. Infused with different genres and cultural influences, it serves as a significant milestone that showcases our country’s talent and unique fusion of art, culture and creativity. The most recent AfrikaBurn I attended in 2023 was filled with various music styles ranging from electronica to tribal African music, amapiano, indie dance, live drum classes, and hard-driving techno. There were multiple camps that offered educational elements, helping to educate others on their individual cultures and the music they have to offer. This experience gave me a true understanding of the different cultures, diverse music styles and genres in our beautiful country.

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