OKU Ibiza

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Situated in the vibrant area of San Antonio, OKU Ibiza stands as a luxurious haven, boasting an array of amenities to ensure a memorable stay. As you step into this 5-star sanctuary, you’re greeted by a fusion of modern elegance and tranquil ambiance.

The hotel’s culinary offerings tantalize the taste buds with a delectable array of dishes, promising a gastronomic journey to remember. Whether you’re craving Mediterranean delights or international flavors, the restaurant caters to every palate with its diverse menu.

For those inclined towards wellness, the fitness center beckons with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing guests to maintain their workout routines amidst the allure of Ibiza. Post-exercise relaxation awaits in the lush garden oasis, where serenity permeates the air, inviting moments of tranquility.

Each impeccably designed room at OKU Ibiza exudes sophistication, featuring thoughtful amenities to enhance your comfort. From plush bedding to modern conveniences like flat-screen TVs and coffee machines, every detail is curated with your utmost satisfaction in mind.

As you awaken to the gentle caress of the Ibiza sun, indulge in a leisurely breakfast experience, choosing from a sumptuous continental spread or a hearty buffet to fuel your day of exploration. The hotel’s attentive staff ensures that every craving is met with unparalleled hospitality.

Embrace the allure of outdoor living with a refreshing dip in the sparkling pool, where moments of relaxation unfold against a backdrop of scenic beauty. Nearby attractions beckon, promising adventures to suit every inclination, whether it’s savoring sunset views at Café del Mar or exploring the wonders of Cap Blanc Aquarium.

Conveniently located just 22 kilometers from Ibiza Airport, OKU Ibiza offers seamless access to the island’s myriad attractions, making it the ideal retreat for discerning travelers seeking luxury, comfort, and unforgettable experiences.

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