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“La Dj”, a nickname given by close friends, was introduced to the art of DJing in 2005 by established musicians and DJs who noted her distinguished taste in music and understanding of musical theory, which La Dj likens to the many years she sang in National Honor Choirs in the United States and later in the National Symphonic Choir of Costa Rica.

La Dj learned to spin vinyl playing the Trance and Progressive House genres. After less than a year, La Dj began playing at several venues and events across Atlanta, Georgia, and was soon thereafter invited to join a recognized DJ crew in Atlanta, wherein she was one of the only two female DJs.

After several life-altering experiences, La Dj took an extensive hiatus from DJing. She eventually found inspiration again and returned to DJing with a different fervor birthed by years of silence in which La Dj began experimenting with Deep House, Deep Tech House, and eventually Downtempo. 

Although no longer strictly spinning vinyl, La Dj continues to mix freestyle and impromptu. Currently, La Dj is focusing on podcast recordings and playing local events and has plans to continue singing and eventually producing.


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