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Kaynz, a DJ and music producer renowned for his hypnotic progressive oriental sound, embarked on his musical journey as a fervent music lover. Evolving from a creative curiosity surrounding sounds, melody, and musical vibrations, he immersed himself in the early electronic scene, drawing inspiration from luminaries like David Vendetta, Tiesto, and Armin Van Buuren. His dedication led him to Per-vurt studio, where, under the guidance of mentors Hasan Awada and G-mohris, he honed his craft through practice and learning. Known for his sets that transcend time and space, Kaynz creates an immersive experience where music and audience merge seamlessly.

His energetic influence fosters a therapeutic and genuine atmosphere, eliciting profound responses from his audience. Sharing the stage with top local DJs such as Hasan Awada, Jason Kaakush, and Gunther, as well as international talent like Nico Morano, Kaynz continues to elevate the electronic music scene with his unique blend of sounds.

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