Einida Eleven

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Deeply inspired and motivated by the healing powers of sound frequency, Einida Eleven believes it is medicine for the soul that inspires and strengthens the connection to spirit and source! With rich organic sounds from around the world and deep electronic vibes he curates a musical journey, telling stories from around the world! Touching your heart and moving your feet!

Residing for the last 20 years in the the musical Mecca of Denver, Colorado. Elijah aka Einida Eleven is a Texas native with thick family roots in the rio grande valley. Playing several instruments throughout his life, he decided to start producing and composing his own heartfelt vibrational sentiment! His quest fueled by his heart, he enrolled and has been an excelling student of Vesela Nota musical theory and production school for the past 6 years!
Growing by leaps and bounds you can find him on numerous record labels around the world!

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10 thoughts on “Einida Eleven

  1. this is in my top five for sure! love the long playing magic from Einida Eleven! Eli is a Master music creator hands down!

  2. One of my favorite artist!
    His music is so medicinal and intentional.
    Uplifting and healing humanity through beautiful frequencies of love!

    Keep at it!

  3. Einida Eleven makes medicine music something these times require and the world needs. Truly a gift of frequency and love. Beautiful work my friend ✨ don’t ever stop.

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