Chris Goa

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Electronic music is the music of the skies. It opens a high-vibrational portal to the cosmos and beyond. Dance is the ultimate connector to the divine. When we dance together, we move towards a collective consciousness, full of love, resonance, and oneness.

Born in Malta, a small island steeped in history at the heart of the Mediterranean, Chris Goa discovered his two main passions early on: the intricacies of the cosmos and the diverse realms of music.
The island, home to some of the world’s oldest free-standing temples, was the backdrop to his formative years.
From an early age, Chris realized that music’s energetic and vibrational nature, particularly electronic, resonated deeply with his quest for connection to the cosmos—inward and outward.
Since the early 2000s, he has been actively involved in DJing, producing, and releasing tracks under various labels and monikers.

In recent times, Chris has returned to his roots. Through his Cosmic Dance sessions, he leverages the power of electronic music and movement as a bridge, connecting the ancient wisdom, practices, traditions, and sounds of the Earth with high-frequency sounds that connect us with the stars and beyond.

The sessions serve as a spiritual and healing journey, prompting individuals to rekindle their connection with their multidimensional selves and collective consciousness.
Since 2023 he’s been the resident DJ of the main stage (Roots stage), of one of Malta’s biggest festivals, Earth Garden, warming up to local and international acts alike.

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