Beatport Awards – IMS Ibiza 2024

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The Beatport Awards, set to debut its inaugural ceremony in Ibiza in 2024, represents a significant milestone in electronic music recognition.
As a renowned platform for DJs, producers, and electronic music enthusiasts, Beatport’s awards aim to celebrate excellence within the global dance music community.
With categories spanning various genres, from techno and house to trance and bass, the awards showcase the diversity and innovation inherent in electronic music.
The ceremony promises to be a culmination of talent, creativity, and passion, honouring the artists, labels, and tracks that have made a significant impact on the electronic music landscape. 

The Beatport Awards will take over Ibiza’s hottest new restaurant and venue, House of Wow.
Expect delightful food and drinks and an incredible atmosphere with industry leaders from across electronic music culture united in celebrating the best of our scene.

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