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Astropsyhe is Vedic Astrologer, Yoga Teacher and Artist of Ukrainian origin. 

He also made a career as Maritime Professional and started exploring the world at the age of 18 on the trading vessels. 

Music always was his passion, since he remembers himself, it was escape to mythic and dreamy reality from the ordinary world.  He played the guitar and had a teenage rock-band, and took some lessons, but finally it didn’t stick. 

11 years later he spent 3 years learning Vedic Astrology to understand that music and art plays vital part for realization his individual Purpose. 

Yoga and Shamanic practices facilitated the healing and allowed to embrace his nature and overcome various psychological blocks.

He is sharing his knowledge  in Yoga, Philosophy, Psychology to facilitate the inner-dialogue with our Psyche.

He uses Vedic Astrology (Ancient Psychology) to help navigate the road to the Individual Purpose to all the Seekers. 

In his DJ sets he aims to activate the Ecstatic Principle, which brings the Transcendence and Joy, while awakened. 

He started mixing in 2022 in Koh Phangan with his «Ecstatic Goddess» sets.   

Emotional cocktail served during his sets may be dark, melodic then uplifting, euphoric and finally hypnotic and meditative, inspired by ethnic and tribal motives of cultures he lived in –  releasing full emotional spectrum, facilitating the sensual ex-stasis, which triggers the soul exploration full of insights.

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