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Canadian born dj and producer, AntahKarana has blended the worlds of visual art, energy and electronic music for over a decade.  Falling in love with techno and house music in 2000, her passions swept her into delivering exquisite soundscapes designed to transform and uplift the mind, body, and soul. 

In 2010, AntahKarana began to dive deeper into the transitory sensations that music provides, expanding her performance to encompass a wider transformational experience infused with positive energy and moving sacred geometry visuals. AntahKarana has developed a musical relationship in the booth that is uniquely her own. Inspired by Artists that deliver a revolutionary sensory experience for the mind and the body, AntahKarana has found her groove both in a spiritual sense and amongst the underground rhythms she so loves.

AntahKarana translates to “Rainbow Bridge” in Sanskrit, representing the interconnected relationship between the soul and the music that fills the spiritual journey. Using electronic music to anchor the beauty of the unseen into our physical realm, AntahKarana is the bridge to take you on an extraordinary inward journey that will leave you feeling expressed, uplifted and deeply connected.

AntahKarana has performed at many events and festivals, hosted three sold out events at the Planetarium in Vancouver, BC, including a collaboration with Swedish electronic producer IAwake, and performed an event at Vortex Media Immersion dome in Los Angeles.

She recently released her new track called Destiny, and has been creating mixes for many podcasts globally.

Join her as she takes you on a journey to discover the universal links which form the rich textures of our existence!

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