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One of the primary challenges faced by brands today is a lack of visibility, which directly impacts their ability to generate bookings or sales.

We have developed an innovative solution to address this issue through our 24/7 live stream on YouTube. Your brand will be continuously showcased on YouTube, gaining exposure around the clock, and actively promoted by us using highly effective strategies at an affordable rate.

By featuring your brand on our channel, we drive traffic directly to your website. This translates into tangible benefits for you, including increased bookings, heightened brand awareness, the opportunity to collect valuable email addresses, and the ability to engage directly with potential clients through our interactive video platform.

Our monthly promotion subscription offers an excellent opportunity for a diverse range of businesses and accommodations. Whether you run a hotel, apartment complex, resort, or handle short or long-term house rentals and sales, our subscription is tailored to benefit you. Additionally, villas, restaurants, bars, and all types of stores showcasing various products can find immense value in this subscription service.

This versatile promotion subscription caters to the needs of various industries, ensuring widespread exposure and increased visibility. By subscribing, you can effectively market your offerings and reach a broader audience, ultimately boosting sales and enhancing your business presence. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your establishment or business—subscribe today!

1 x video 24/7 live on YouTube
Professional video editing included
Daily Social media promotion
Weekly newsletter out sending
Leading video visitors to your website


€299,- /per month
Inclusive tax

NOW ONLY €99,-
Inclusive tax

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