No Bullshit Talk with Resilient

Thanks so much to you Resilient for this opportunity to interview you!
We’re excited to hear more about you! So, what’s your story?
Where are you from and who’s behind the name “Resilient”?

Hello, Ibiza! My real name is Marko, it’s with a K, not with a C, that means that I’m not Italian… 
Ok, now you know. I am from Serbia, currently based in Brno, Czech Republic.
To be honest, I’m not able to describe my music story. You just need to listen to it.

You are the founder of the label Beat Sound Visions of which you’ve produced several of your own works.
What inspired you to create this label?

Correct, that happened suddenly. One of my music collaborators, Italian one 
Roberto Pedoto is the reason for that. I sent him some demos for his record label, back in 2020, and he said that he is able to help me if I want my own label. I was curious about it, and here we are, 25 releases till now. We are bringing back vibes from a decade ago, the Renaissance period when it comes to deep house / underground electronic music.

From where and from whom do you get your musical inspiration? For example, do you have a “happy place” you go to to seek inspiration? Or do you have like “go to” artists that you feel in your Soul when creating?

Actually, I really love to travel, to explore unknown. That’s how I get my inspiration. Last week, I visited Slovakia – Bratislava, for a very first time. Some of my previous releases are inspired by my ex loves, each of my love story is still in my heart, I like to keep it like that. I love to remember, because I want to remember. And music helps me going forward. Sometimes, I am inspired by people stupidity. Simple as that. Even my artist name is some kind of “irony”.

What have been some of your biggest challenges and your most exciting successes? Maybe some of your biggest challenges have created your most exciting successes? Tell us about that.

That’s right. Back in a days I was struggling in so many ways, so I listened a lots of music, and I made some tracks. Resident Advisor (online platform) had label database at that time, in alphabetical order, with emails for submitting demo. So, I stopped at my 2nd email that I sent, to Affect Recordings from Munich.
And my biggest success is that after almost 10 years, plenty of collabs with artists from this basic label, I played in Munich and Berlin earlier this year, and I had opportunity to meet some of these producers / djs that were involved into it, in live. Of course, these playing hours were full of possitive energy, and I’m gonna remember that. I’m proud of myself, because I am doing the real thing with all “true” friends that I made thanks to the music thing.

What projects are you currently working on? Any exciting new collaborations or gigs coming up soon?

Last Saturday I played in my favorite bar in Brno, and it’s a funny thing, because I’m living in the same building currently. That was my 2nd time in this bar, and I am very excited because I’m gonna upload this set with some nice “summer” tracks and a lot of positive energy, so everyone can listen to it online. Weekend before I played at skateboard community location in Brno. All my sets are recorded and uploaded, so follow me on SoundCloud.
When it comes to my productions, I am thrilled to announce that I have just signed the contract with UK based (big in the game) label, it’s gonna be 3 track release with some remixes. Confidently, I can say that these tracks are my best ones. I placed a lot of effort into the sound. Two tracks are still searching for a label, and another two I gave to Instead Recordings from Berlin (there will be some “dope” remixes). Also, I have some “sick” tracks, and I left that for Beat Sound Visions.

Speaking of gigs, you’ve played in countries such as the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Germany. Of the countries, cities, places, and events you’ve played, which has been your most memorable, good or bad, and why? Feel free to share embarrassing and uplifting stories!

Well, I’m not able to give the exact answer. Each gig is a unique story. I’m never playing the same track. But Munich was the craziest experience, because my buddy Tua Rek messaged me while I was in the train, somewhere near Salzburg, that he got sick, and that I’m gonna play with other guys. I came to the club first, because I was a warm up dj, and boss lady said to me that they do not know nothing about me playing music. At the end, that was a magical night. I needed to use my communication skills

So, continuing the more personal getting-to-know-you questions, what does a typical day in the life of Resilient look like? Do you start your day with coffee or tea or neither? Give us a visual behind the scenes, if you don’t mind.

I’m just a quiet guy. I’m starting my day with water. I love to watch NBA, and I’m going to the gym. When I tell to someone that I’m a dj / producer, people often laugh, because I do not have “dj energy”, they said.

Okay, last question of this type … really. Be honest, is there something you always take everywhere for support to all your gigs/performances? For example, your cat or your favorite flashlight? Lol. Obviously, something besides your equipment, etc.

No, I am always bringing a good mood. I’m doing it in a very natural way. Also, bringing my bag with different cables, always.

On a more serious note, if you could change anything about the music industry, particularly that of DJs/Producers, what would it be?

I would change the way that artists are earning. This kind of online selling is not a fair way, because artists are getting some pennies only.

To wrap this up, and to give everyone something to look forward to, can you tell us what we can expect this next year and coming years from Resilient? We would love to hear about what’s in the works!

Currently, I’m in a break with production. But there will be some amazing Beat Sound Visions releases and guest mixes. I have some idea for a remix of a famous German song. Will do that during the summer.

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your world with us! We wish you all the best!

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