No Bullshit Talk with Andre Mayborn

No Bullshit Talk with Andre Mayborn

Interview by Shankari

Andre Mayborn, aka The Magician of Dubai as our dear Hekske and myself call you! delivering the kind of deep grooves we’re more and more numerous to enjoy, where do you come from Magician?

I was born near Moscow city in May 1985 when Russia was still called the Soviet Union and having a Pink Floyd vinyl at home was an unattainable luxury. Luckily my dad, being a radiotronics engineer at that time, had his own collection of self-assembled sound amplifiers, music players and lots of vinyl which formed my perception of the quality sound at a very early age. When I was 8, I started taking piano classes and at the age of 11 it became a meditation routine for me as I was already composing complex melodies while sitting for hours in a sunlit room of my parents’ apartment but unfortunately never wrote them down so in a few years those melodies would vanish from my memory as suddenly as they were once born inside my head.


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